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President's Report to the 2015 Annual General Meeting


The Burra Expo, back in March, had a very good crowd with an excellent display of rams. Congratulations must go to North Ashrose for winning the pair of ram lambs, also to the Greenfields stud for winning the pair and ram of Burra which went on to win the coveted pair of sheep at the Bendigo Sheep Show.

In May Adelaide hosted the National Merino Challenge and with 90 contestants was the biggest event of its type.

The Wudinna Pre Sale Expo was well attended with Roemahkita winning the young ram.

The Keith field day was well attended even though the area is very dry.

The Karoonda field day tried a new concept by holding their day at Murray Bridge and had a very successful day with its biggest crowd for many years.

Yorke Peninsula ram sales have gone very well.

On property ram sales for 2015 have so far been very good with averages up.

Let’s hope the Classic and Adelaide ram sales also go well.

The World Merino Insight is coming along very well. It is going to be very busy during next year’s show week. Peter Meyer will give you an update later in the meeting.

Talking about Peter Meyer I'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for his help in his role as Vice President and wish him well in his new position of Vice President of the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders. The AASMB has a new look with Georgina Wallace as President, Peter Meyer Vice and Phil Toland the Treasurer.

Thanks must go to Cameron Hills who runs our office very well and makes my job a whole lot easier and also thanks to Robert Sullivan for his good work as Treasurer.

With that I'd like to wish everybody all the best for the upcoming spring and let’s hope wool still remains on top of the ladder.


Roger Fiebig.





"The World Merino Insight is coming along very well. It is going to be very busy during next year's Show Week."

- Roger Fiebig
Report to Association Members