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Karoonda & District Stud Merino Field Day


Previewing a selection of South Australia's New Season Sale Rams

Central display & greater stud representation from all areas of S.A. at Murray Bridge.

When: Friday 29th July
Where: Murray Bridge Showground
Times: From 10:00am - 4.00pm.

Please click on the map below to view a larger copy.

Karoonda & Districts Stud Merino Field Days Map

Robust, Resilient SA Dual Purpose Merinos at Murray Bridge Showgrounds 

New location brings new possibilities

Karoonda and Districts Stud Merino Field Day Association will hold its feature event at Murray Bridge Showground on Friday 29th of July from 10am – 4pm, 80km from Adelaide.
We invite you all to view, discuss, and understand the genuine capabilities of the Mallee Merino.
On display will be a high standard of robust sheep that have performed extremely well in all areas. Producers in the area have invested strongly in their A.I. and E.T. programs to ensure further genetic gain.
Committed to achieving sustainable profitability, these producers have always understood the importance and potential of the dual-purpose Merino. A significant proportion of members from the group have exhibited a consistently high standard of being competitive in dual-purpose classes in Adelaide and Bendigo.
Last year saw strong on-property sales with excellent clearances and averages. As a group these bloodlines feature in topping sheep sales all over the State.
With the wool market as good as I have ever seen it and good meat prices there is a huge amount of confidence in our industry. All that we need is a good opening in 2016 to get up going.
We look forward to seeing another great turnout.

Stephen Koehler, Radnor President
Karoonda and Districts Field Day.