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2017 Elders SA Stud Merino Expo


Monday March 20th March 2017

On-Property Displays from 9.30am: 

  • Collinsville
  • East Bungaree
  • Glenowie 
  • Greenfields
  • Gum Hill 
  • Hamilton Run 
  • Moorundie Park 
  • North Ashrose
  • Nyowee 
  • Old Ashrose
  • Pindari
  • Springvale North 

>> Download 2017 SA Stud Merino Expo program (pdf) 


AWI Grower's Barbeque : 7.00pm at the Burra Oval.

Australian Wool Innovation was pleased to host a barbeque for industry stakeholders from 7.00pm on the Burra Oval. 

Tuesday March 21st March 2017


Exhibiting Studs on the Burra Oval, Burra from 9.00am;

  • Bunyara
  • Carricowie
  • Collinsville
  • East Bungaree
  • Flairdale
  • Glenville
  • Greenfields
  • Gunallo
  • Hamilton Run
  • Hilton Heath
  • Kamora Netley Park
  • Kamora Park
  • Mernowie
  • Morley
  • Mulloorie
  • North Cowie
  • Old Ashrose
  • Orrie Cowie
  • Pepper Well
  • Pindari
  • Radnor
  • Rices Creek
  • Roemahkita
  • Sherlock
  • Springvale North

Merino Studmasters and commercial sheep buyers from all around the country will descend on Burra during the Expo to assess many of the best Merino and Poll Merino rams the State had to offer.

Management Committee member of the SA Stud Merino Sheepbreeders’ Association; Peter Meyer, explained why there was such a high level of interest in the Expo:

“Wool prices have continued to be a shining light. Merinos are in a sound position as a livestock investment; as you have a wool clip and a saleable animal” said Mr. Meyer.

Australian Wool Innovation will host an industry barbeque on the evening of Monday 20th of March at the Burra Oval for Expo attendees.

“We were pleased that Australian Wool Innovation chose to host a function for attendees that provided them with a great opportunity to inform wool industry members of the latest achievements in both R&D and promotion” said Mr. Meyer.

South Australian Merinos and Poll Merinos have built an enviable reputation both around Australia and overseas for their excellent heavy fleece cuts for wool production, while also boasting large frames for quality sheepmeat.

Competitions sponsored by Elders; the SA Merino Field Day Ram of the Year, and SA Merino Championship Pairs attracted a large number of keen competitors. This year we are pleased to welcome WSB Distributors and Yamaha Australia as sponsors of the All Purpose Pen of Two Ram Lambs Championship.

Congratulations are extended to the 2016 competition winners;

  • Elders Field Day SA Ram of the Year: Greenfields, Hallett
  • Elders Merino Pairs Championship: Greenfields, Hallett
  • WSB Distributors All Purpose Pen of Two Ram Lambs Championship: North Ashrose, Gulnare

>> Download 2017 SA Stud Merino Expo program (pdf)