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Association Rules

South Australian Stud Merino Sheepbreeders' Association Incorporated Rules including By-Law No. 1..

Last amended October 2018.

Rules (pdf)



The South Australian Stud Merino Sheepbreeders' Association is a voluntary membership-based body.

Through State membership, studs are included in the national Merino Flock Book which is managed by the Australian Association of Stud Merino Breeders Ltd. Members can also participate in the State Association's promotional activities such as the South Australian Stud Merino Expo, and enter nationally recognised Merino and Poll Merino competitions including those conducted at the Royal Adelaide Show. Members will be listed in the Association's Annual Directory that has a wide distribution through the Stock Journal. The Association also oversees the official Merino and Poll Merino mid-side sample collection.

Businesses that operate a Merino and a Poll Merino Stud are required to register each Stud separately and they are treated as separate entities. 

Membership requires evidence of a flock containing a minimum of one Merino or Poll Merino ram transferred/purchased from an existing registered stud (of that same breed - e.g. a Poll Merino Stud must be the source of the ram used in the application for a Poll Merino stud) or a suitable quantity of genetic material from a registered stud, plus a minimum of twenty-five ewes from a registered Merino or Poll Merino stud. The foundation flock must be evidenced by properly completed Vendor & Purchaser certificates. Blank V&Ps are available on request from the Association's office.

Membership subscription fees are subject to change. As at 1 January 2021, the application fee to register a stud was $570 + $57 GST = $627.


Registration Forms

For all forms regarding stud registration, or change of registration details, please contact the Merino SA office on 08 82124157  or