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SA Merino Sire Evaluation Trial

Sixteen Merino Sires from South Australia and interstate will have their male progeny compared for type, structure, wool production and carcase traits in the SA Merino Sire Evaluation trial. It is hoped the results of these trials will contribute to genetic improvements for the Merino industry. The 2019 and 2020 SA Sire Evaluation Trial is currently running at the McPiggery host site at Lameroo, SA.

Host sites run for a two year duration, with the previous site being Keyneton Station, Keyneton SA.

New site host David Eckert, of Mentara Park at Malinong will commence the next Trial phase in October. Nominations of Merino sires for the 2021 Trial will be called for soon. 

Details about the SA Sire Evaluation Trial are available from Co-ordinator: Anna Cameron or 0403 747 332.



The final results for the 2019 SA Sire Evaluation Trial at Lameroo have been released:  2019 Yearling Assessment


SA Sire Evaluation Field Day 2019

The 2019 SA Merino Sire Evaluation Field Day was held on Tuesday 4th June at Keyneton Station, Keyneton. 15 pens of the progeny from the 2018 sires were presented for inspection, with presentations from the site host, Joe Keynes, AMSEA 's Ben Swain and other guest speakers. An excellent crowd of approx 150 attended.


Results of the 2019 Sire Evaluation Trial ( Lameroo) - Initial data 2019 Drop

Results of the 2018 Sire Evaluation Trial (Keyneton): 2018 Drop - Final Assessment

Results of the 2017 Sire Evaluation Trial (Keyneton) : 2017 Drop -Final Assessment

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Find out more in the latest SA Sire Evaluation Newsletter :  November 2019 Newsletter 

Trial results from Keyneton 2018 Drop :  Keyneton 2018