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SA Merino Sire Evaluation Trial

Sixteen Merino sires from South Australia and interstate will have their male progeny compared for type, structure, wool production and carcase traits in the SA Merino Sire Evaluation trial. It is hoped the results of these trials will contribute to genetic improvements for the Merino industry. The 2021 and 2022 SA Sire Evaluation Trial is currently running at the property of David Eckert's  'Mentara Park' site at Malinong, SA.

The 2019 and 2020 trials have now been completed at the McPiggery site at Lameroo. 

Details about the SA Sire Evaluation Trial are available from Co-ordinator: Anna Cameron or 0403 747 332.



Field day at Malinong - anticipated in mid June 2022 
Nominations for the 2022 Trial at  'Mentara Park' Malinong have now closed. 
Newsletter  - October 2021 : SAMSET Newsletter Oct
Webinar  SAMSET/Sheep Connect   Wednesday 13th October  7.30pm  - The webinar recording about the Sire Evalaution Trial results can be viewed here: webinar link




2020 drop final assessment July 2021: SA 2020 Drop Final Assessment July 2021

2020 drop initial assessment  Oct 2020: 2020 drop Initial Assessment

2019 drop Final Assessment  Dec 2020: 2019 drop Adult final site assessment

2019 Hoggett Assessment  Oct 2020: 2019 drop Final Assessment



SA Sire Evaluation Field Day 2020

The 2020 SA Merino Sire Evaluation Field Day was held in perfect conditions on Friday, 30th October at McPiggery, Marama.  It was great to see the progress of the 2019 and 2020 drops, and hear from guest speakers . A capacity marquee crowd attentively listed to Dr William van Wettere, University of Adelaide talk about the effect of melatonin implants on twin lamb survival. Some very interesting research being conducted by the University of Adelaide, including how to wean more lambs by culling 'passengers' and keeping 'performers' . This topic was presented by Associate Professor Forbes Brien, who descibed the value of twin and triplet producing ewes, comparative to the single.

Red Meat & Wool Growth Program were sponsors of the Field Day. A zoom presentation by Nathan Scott of Achieve Ag discussed the value of capturing a range of data via EID, and options for producers to assist with the data management. It was reinforced that data is only worthwhile capturing if the producer actually uses the information.

Approximately 100 people attended the event, with thanks expressed to Duane Simon & the McMahon family for the excellent display of the progeny on the day, to Anna Cameron for the co-ordination of the event and sponsors including Red Meat & Wool Program.

 Complete Field Day Booklet available here: 2020 Field Day Booklet incl 2019 & 2020 Sire Progeny results



Results of the 2019 Sire Evaluation Trial (Lameroo) - 2019 - Yearling Assessment

Results of the 2019 Sire Evaluation Trial ( Lameroo) - Initial data 2019 Drop

Results of the 2018 Sire Evaluation Trial (Keyneton): 2018 Drop - Final Assessment

Results of the 2017 Sire Evaluation Trial (Keyneton) : 2017 Drop -Final Assessment

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